R.O.C.S. kids lemon orange & vanilla toothpaste 35 ml


R.O.C.S. kids lemon orange & vanilla toothpaste 35 ml

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100 ml = 15.97 €

R.O.C.S. kids "Summer Magic Raspberry and Strawberry" contains 500 ppm fluoride,

On the one hand, the toothpaste has an excellent taste that children love and that makes toothbrushing a pleasure. On the other hand, R.O.C.S. Kids fast and effective, as the patented active substance complex Amifluor (R) contains both aminofluoride and xylitol.

Amifluor forms a stable protective film of calcium fluoride on the tooth surface in just 20 seconds. R.O.C.S. Kids thereby promotes the calcium supply of the enamel, whereby the caries risk is significantly reduced.

Contains: 500 ppm fluoride.

RDA value: 45

35 ml tube




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Oral hygiene    Lemon Orange Vanilla     dental cream

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